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3 ways to live a more successful , happy and contented life .

These days everyone is busy doing and following what most people are doing and are actually unsatisfied , demotivated with their life’s as most people are . So, here I would help you with 3 main habits that may help you become more efficient in your work as well as your life that would provide you happiness and contentment in your life   . 
1   MORNING HABITS    :The most important part of our day is morning as it is the beginning of the day and the beginning should always be the best. . Like ways breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day same way we need to give special importance to our morning habits. So,  further I classify it in three sub habits   .
A)  Meditation:-We should start our day firstly with a positive thought and then instead of worrying about the day and the problems we should meditate for few minutes. Meditation is a very relaxing and peace experiencing activity and not something spiritual.
B)  Exercise:-  Secondly , we should do at least 5 to 15 minute…