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Think and Act Cheerful | How to Be Cheerful by Shivi Vats | Best Inspirational Blog

Our problem is that we don’t realize the power of our thoughts and actually the whole game is of our thoughts. If we are able to control our thoughts then only we can master our self and that is when we understand life and when we understand life then only we can live it too its fullest.                

We try to find out the solutions to our problems from the outside world but actually, those can only be found inside our self’s. Negative and positive thoughts are nothing but just the difference of our perceptions and mindset and even one negative thought can ruin our time and spoil our mood as well.“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you” well said by James Allen."
I would like to share an example of a girl, who was very fearful and took stress of small things like exams or meeting new people and because of this habit of taking stress of small things she wasn’t able to give her best at those events may be her exams o…