3 ways to live a more successful , happy and contented life .

These days everyone is busy doing and following what most people are doing and are actually unsatisfied , demotivated with their life’s as most people are .
So, here I would help you with 3 main habits that may help you become more efficient in your work as well as your life that would provide you happiness and contentment in your life   . 


The most important part of our day is morning as it is the beginning of the day and the beginning should always be the best. . Like ways breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day same way we need to give special importance to our morning habits. So,  further I classify it in three sub habits   .

A)  Meditation:-We should start our day firstly with a positive thought and then instead of worrying about the day and the problems we should meditate for few minutes. Meditation is a very relaxing and peace experiencing activity and not something spiritual   .

B)  Exercise:-  Secondly , we should do at least 5 to 15 minutes of exercise daily . Time period and the type of exercise is fully your choice but even just 5 to 10 minutes of simple home exercise is also good enough for both physical and mental health as exercise increases our blood circulation and increase the intake of oxygen in our body (body cells)   with makes us fell more fresh and energetic which helps us stay active throughout the day.

C) Read :- Don’t misunderstand reading with reading some newspaper or news on social media , from reading I mean reading some motivational blogs ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsV4FFCrf4A&t=3s ) or some motivational books  (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill , etc) and self- development books (The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Convey ) which will help you not only gather information but also grow positively . Benefits of reading are not hidden from any one of us. Above 93% of successful people read for self-improvement and knowledge .Once BILL GATES was asked that if he gets a chance than what kind of superpower he would like to have and his answer was “The power to read very fast “ , this proves how important it is to gain knowledge for him even now . 


In our busy life’s we just work at our work places and that it but it is very important to do one thing other than our profession that may be something that interests you or something just for fun like dancing , blogging, playing any sport, animation or anything that you like and I myself follow this as I being a college student, with my regular studies I find time for blogging and vlogging on you tube. It may be difficult in the beginning but when it will become your habit it is very interesting and satisfying.


Although, this being one of the oldest methods but still it is very important and effective. I will tell you an easy and simple way to do so. In the night before sleeping, what you need to do is think for 5 minutes . Thinking 2 things

I)                    What you did today was it worth and did you live your life to its fullest? and if your answer is ‘yes’ then well and good continue the same , but if the answer is ‘no’ then probably you need a change (flow my video ).
II)                  Plan your next day the things which you have to do and the way to execute them and lastly ending with a positive thought.

This will help you learn from your past, change your present and live it to its fullest and heading towards a bright future.

So, imply these habits in your life, just try this for a week first and within a week you will see the difference. If you have any queries than let me know in the comments down below, if you find it helpful than also share your experience I would be glad to hear so and if you have some suggestions for me than also please let me know.

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Success should be measured in terms of happiness not money or fame .


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  3. Hey shivi
    U r doing really well..
    I just want you to motivate me and even others on..
    "How to know our own worth nd
    how to work accordingly!
    not bothering about what others see in u and think about u.. how should we manage nd be the best no matter what! nd stay focused towards ur dream future!" i know u'll surely inspire me..
    Thank you😊

  4. Very great article about living successfully and also happily. keep it up..

  5. cool advices!

    Please visit my Blog!


    Alessa Bernal.

  6. Heyy Thanks for writing this. This was really helpful. You should write more. You can try about " Why You shouldn't take your own life?" Might help number of peoples.

  7. Nice post. The reading and meditating part helps a lot to develop the mind .


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