Reasons and solutions to most of our problems by Shivi Vats

You must be thinking what’s the point knowing the reasons behind our problems, as to find the solution to any problem the first and the most important thing is to know the reason behind it and to analyze and understand our problems properly. Problems may be small or big and different for everyone but mostly the reasons behind those problems or for their creation are same. As per APJ Kalam most of the problems in our life because of two reasons first we act without thinking. Secondly we keep thinking without acting. 

Most commonly due to aggressiveness and short tempered people the first reason is more common. Try to relate to this, think about last problem of yours and try to analyze it and try to find out that your actions indicate which among the two reasons.  If it is the first one than it is the common one these days as these days people are not grounded whereas they are more egoistic and aggressive so they do not have the habit of listening and without thinking they take decisions and act accordingly and after some time when they calm down and think with their mind they analyze their mistake and that time they are left with nothing else but regrets. So, before taking any action or decision in angry think for a while and then go for it.

When our thoughts are different from our actions, when we think about something so much but we don’t act to that, then probably it points towards the second reason. Don’t misunderstand this with forgiveness as that is completely different as when we forgive we forget everything to forgive i.e. our thoughts and actions complement each other, which indeed is noble but if we our thinking about something and not acting that it very wrong as it creates an internal gap between people, so it is better to act in a polite manner and sort the things to avoid differences between people and relations.

This was all about the reasons behind our problems now coming up to the solutions to our problems, but guys for the solutions you will have to wait for my next blog, in which I will be covering up the solutions to our problems.

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