Reasons and solutions to most of our problems | Part-2 by Shivi Vats


As we covered the reasons behind our problems in last blog, this blog is all about the trick to solve our problems. 

The trick to solve any problem has three steps

A)     Analyse the situation fearlessly and honestly and figure out what is the worst that could possibly happen. This will help you to look at the worst of a situation that could happen.

B)      Mentally accept the worst possible outcome. This is the main and the most difficult step among three of these, I know saying is easy but implementing is difficult I too agree but guys trust me just try this once and from the next time it will probably become your habit and then you will be habitual of doing so to solve any problem as this is the best and a proven way to solve any problem. With this your life will be full of happiness and there will be no space for stress, anger and sorrow.

C)      Try to improve the worst which you have already accepted. When you have already accepted the worst possible then your mind is free and not puzzled so you can work on to improve the worst which you have accepted. This will help you to satisfy yourself that you tried hard to make it best possible and this will make the situation better as well.

97% worries are because of our mind fear. And if we try this method to solve our problems our mind instead of getting stressed it focus on solving the problem therefore better results can be expected. (These methods I have referred from the book “HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING” by Dale Carnegie.) To overcome mind fear we firstly need to keep ourselves busy as then there is no time for stress and it increase our creativity as well and improves our planning techniques also. Secondly try to think and act cheerful.

If you want to know in detail about mind fear and how to overcome it then you can go through my next blog.

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