You are still alive! by Shivi Vats

The most expensive thing in the world is life. Life is priceless. We can employ someone to drive the car for us, make money for us but we cannot have someone to bear the sickness for us, therefore the most expensive bed in this world is sick bed. Can you sell your limbs for any price you are offered to be paid, according to me no one of us would do so, so do you ever realise what you have and what you worry about even to that extent that people are forced to end up their life’s just because of small things, whatever the problem or situation it is, the worst to worst it could be just think about this phrase “I am still alive.”
"Recently while reading newspaper I came across a news that was about a software engineer of age 27 who committed suicide just because he lost all his hairs. Yes guys don’t be shocked this is the reality these days, youth the future of our nation are actually just so much frustrated with these small things that they our forced to do and actually we the members of this society are the real reason for these kind of suicides and the wrong habits that we have." 
As people nowadays don’t have the habit of sharing their thoughts and problems with each other although because of social media communication has become so easy we have a lot of friends on Facebook but actually we don’t have real friends with whom we can share our problems and find solutions of those. According to me we should have at least one such person with whom we can communicate, without any restrictions and hesitation this is really very necessary guys, it may be your parents or any friend but mind it that he/she must be a well-wisher of yours

I would like to request all of you reading this that even before thinking anything such, please once think of your family and friends, specially your mother who took so much pain to bring you in this world. Ending life is not a solution, we need to understand the value of life.

Material things lost can be found, but there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost- LIFE.

If anyone of you need some help from me or any type of guidance I am there for you, you can contact me without any restriction.
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